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Mike Kreuzer

January countdown - 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

5 February 2024

6, 5, etc. Just to end my long January, a quick wrap up of the projects I dropped, put on hold, or just plain didn't get up to. For now.

Six — I did do. A blog roll. Is RSS still a thing? Sure. What about OPML? OPM what you ask? As part of moving this site over to Pelican I re-jigged this site's footer & added a blog roll. I can't remember if I had one back in the day, I don't think so, I think they always sounded too much like bog roll to my infantile ear. Now I'm just going with it. The blogs & tech sites I read more or less regularly are on there, in a list suitable for any feed reader.

Five — I put on hold. It was a ham radio logger that I started on Linux, then decided I didn't need on the Mac. I'm using RUMlog at the moment & it's working well enough. If I bump up against any limitations I can't live with or when (not if) I escape back to Linux, I'll dust this off.

Four — was moving off AWS. Or at least mostly off AWS, mostly to have some Linux servers to play on. Off AWS that's cheaper, but still not as cheap as only having this static site to pay for. It'll happen soon, just not yet.

Three — was self-hosting a fediverse instance again. I wax & wane on that. Maybe I'll do it & not use it as my main instance, that would probably work. Again, some time soon, I'm not in any hurry. My local experiments so far with GoToSocial, & resigned blog posts from the developers of Akkoma (which is what I ran last time) & Takahe all left me cold.

Two & one — were both fediverse experiments, both bots. Both of which I didn't get up to even thinking about much, but as I type this at least one of them feels like a bad idea, so is unlikely to ever see the light of day.

So what did I do? I streamlined my development platforms (10), moved off a Linux box that I got to gift to one of my kids (9), moved some infrastructure onto Open Tofu (8), moved this site onto Pelican (7), & added a blog roll to it (6). Not bad for a lazy month off.