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Mike Kreuzer

About all that...

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A once & future code monkey — my first proper computer programming was done on a Mac Classic II in (scratches head) 1991, I think. Macs were there during the low points (using sexy new iMacs in 2001 to write Perl scripts) as well as for the highs.

I prefer Linux for all sorts of reasons nowadays, but beggars can't be choosers.

Even did a lot of work on Windows during the Windows 95 to 7 era, sometimes by choice, more often because somebody was paying me to.

I've done other things for work as well as coding, but I write code even when I'm not being paid to, and this blog will probably mostly be about matters programmey. Probably.


This is a static site generated using Pelican.

The theme used is called Zine.

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Words, opinions & all the rest are by yours truly.