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Mike Kreuzer

So much for Reddit

13 June 2023

Reddit's going to start charging an exorbitant amount for the use of their API, which is killing off its third party clients like Apollo, the app I use to browse it. Lack of a third party client won't make the site unusable, but it will make it a whole lot less fun to use. Probably enough so for me that I won't be going there much any more.

This again.

I was never a very heavy poster, but I was a user for a long time, & for a while now had been appending the word reddit to Google searches to try & make the results returned less terrible. I did also write Ripley, which counted users on programming language subreddits, that crawled the site to start with but I rewrote it to use that same API. Ripley ran for a few years there & wouldn't be possible now.

I don't feel the anger I felt about Twitter imploding, & who knows, Reddit may continue just fine after this, but I do feel disappointment – "I'm not angry, just disappointed" – disappointment that I seem to be witnessing the nihilism of a failing regime yet again. Après nous, le déluge.