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Mike Kreuzer

RSS and Atom feeds

3 February 2022

I added an RSS feed to this site, to go along with the Atom feed that's been there since forever. If there's any doubling up or other weirdness with your feeds with that change I apologize. Should be a one off thing.

I'm in two minds about the need for RSS. In my mind at least Atom 1.0 replaced RSS 2.0, but then Apple went & gave RSS its blessing for podcast feeds, & Atom may have just gone the way of XHTML & the Dodo at that point. Maybe.

Adding the feed meant writing Ruby for the first time in at least half a year, and looking at the code for this blog for the first time in maybe two years. Oh boy, my Ruby is rusty. Maybe I should rewrite this thing in a language I use a bit more often…