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Mike Kreuzer

Steady state

27 May 2020

I managed to pick up what I'm guessing is a mild flu in these virusey days. Being not too sick, thanks for asking, but not well enough to bill anyone for my time I decided to push some minor updates to two of my side projects.

Delete Files 8.x-1.5

Delete files I've been putting off updating all year, even though the update's been sitting in the dev branch waiting to go since January, because to support some of Drupal 9's dependency injection/services means dropping support for early versions of Drupal 8 where the services don't exist. I bit the bullet now because Drupal 9 is now imminent, due out in just one week. (Though I don't know who would rush to a Drupal major version update.)

As it is I added pagination as well as a configuration screen, the latter as space & weight to allow me to do some useful things in the future around allowing users to configure what sort of files they want to be visible to delete, & what it is they want to happen to the files after. That's next down the track.

Once again I was struck at the culture of drive-by patches that the system of awarding 'credit' on the Drupal site promotes. People with scripts constantly scanning files for typos, and profiles with hundreds and hundreds of that sort of meaningless "contribution". I see what it's mean to do, but it's broken as is. Which is very Drupal.

Zine 0.15.0

Zine's in more of a steady state – it's just cruising along now. I updated some dependencies but that's all, exactly one year after my last update as it turns out, though that timing was entirely coincidental.

The software's by no means perfect, but the few things I want to add now seem like they'd be enormous time sucks, there are diminishing returns to scale at this point. I'm mildly more likely to do a complete rewrite than to add features… It's still very much supported and still used to make this & other sites, but in a steady state.

Next February it'll be four years old. Four years of avoiding calling it version one because I still haven't got around to writing the damn tests. I'm thinking version one may be the rewrite, that works for me.