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Mike Kreuzer

A month and a day

26 May 2019

A month and a day after moving this site to an AWS S3 bucket I got around to dealing with S3 & CloudFront & Zine.

A month and a day sounds suitably whimsical, like something out of The Owl and the Pussy-Cat or Where the Wild Things Are (and you may be able to tell I have young kids). Whimsical is entirely suitable, today's been a great day of playing around with code. Somehow in the rush to get things done I've often lost sight of that as a goal recently. I need to remember how much fun this can be.

I had been putting off adding AWS support I suppose. A few weeks ago I thought about porting Zine to a Swift App, on iOS or Mac or both. I may yet, but in the meantime I'd still like to be able to blog. So now I've got Zine working again for my circumstances, and maybe serendipitously for a few other people, and had some fun doing it.