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Mike Kreuzer

AWS - cutting out the middleman

April 22, 2019

This site's had more than a few hosts over the years. The last couple I suspect have really been on AWS hardware any way, so I thought it was well past time to cut out the middleman and just pay Amazon directly.

I can see why people don't, but seeing as I work in the biz I thought I may as well. Setting up all the different bits & pieces (micro services!) that go into getting this show on the air's fiddly unless you're going to do it multiple times & script it, so I can see that paying a middleman is less bother. Maybe it deserves a paint by numbers blog post. Or could be my new biz… (Sounds of wheels turning.)

But it's done now for this site, and the savings certainly aren't nothing. The only part of the AWS piping I pay for at my current levels of traffic's Route 53, Amazon's DNS, and that costs me the princely sum of 55 Australian cents each month now. The middleman charged just a bit more than that.

Means I'll have to work on Zine to support S3 too. (More wheels turning…)