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Mike Kreuzer

WWDC 2016 Hardware

7 July 2016

Three weeks after WWDC & I still feel disappointed it was a software only event this year - despite that idea being telegraphed pretty openly via some of the usual sources.

I've been stuck in a hardware rut: an update of the MacBook Pro line has been imminent for the last 6 months, but it remains stubbornly imminent. My venerable early 2009 Mac mini won't be able to make the jump to macOS in the Northern Fall, but I have until then I hope.

Swift Playgrounds for iPad (if I upgrade my iPads to deal with iOS 10), Pythonista, Ruby Pico, and Continuous all make some coding on the pad possible, but for anything sustained, and to finally build things you still need a Mac.

I would buy a mid 2015 15" MBP, today, if all I was expecting was the usual small year on year speed improvements that upgrading the chipset would give. But I'm expecting bigger things this year. At the very least I'm thinking different ports will be a thing again.

All USB-C maybe? Something else maybe? The 27" display getting dropped from the line-up and the MacBook, with its single USB-C port make me think something along those lines is likely, and as this is a once every six or so year purchase for me nowadays I'll wait… reluctantly.

A bit reluctantly. While I wait I can imagine having every possible combination of hardware, so the endless delays make for occasionally enjoyable sessions of window shopping.