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Mike Kreuzer

Kill your darlings

2 February 2015

I've pulled my app from the App Store. Not as any sort of protest! It was showing its age, and I have better things in mind.

The app comes from what feels like the distant past now, 2013! Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and every site was getting its own app.

That app was notable as an experiment in using JSON as an RSS replacement, but I went back to a regular RSS/Atom feed just like everyone else.

It doesn't reflect my current skills. It does make me feel pretty sad to withdraw it – my first app – but it's for the best. If more developers killed some of their darlings the App Store would be a better place.

Any way, I withdrew it from sale. I didn't delete it. I might always update it in the future.

Now, to work on my next one.