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Mike Kreuzer

Language indexes

30 December 2013

I found a neat interactive graph of the popularity of various programming languages, so it seemed appropriate to share my growing collection of these indexes, as the year winds down.

Firstly, the new kid on the block, found via Hacker News, (Update - it's no longer online.) it's language popularity on Stack Overflow graphed against its popularity on GitHub. The same combination used by Red Monk, but with more up to date data & hey, mouseovers.

Then, in no particular order:

The Oloh index can be tweaked for a whole bunch of different languages. TIOBE's index is somewhat interactive now too.

My love/hate (well, dissatisfaction more than hate) relationship with Objective C and Ruby looks to continue into 2014, I can't find anything all that much better in the first tier of languages on any of these lists. There are worse fates.

Happy New Year!