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Mike Kreuzer

Another programming blog

16 November 2013

I've decided to restart my blogging career. In a first for the Internet, herewith, a programmer setting up a blog to rant into the ether about his craft. I know.

Lots of soul searching and hand-wringing underpins that last paragraph, and I'll be sure to cover all of that in the upcoming obligatory posts about how this blog's set up slightly differently to every other one, and how the language it's scripted in is slightly less awful than all of its competitors. Though I'm still not sure I can argue that latter point with any great conviction. (There has been a lot of hand-wringing lately…)


The blog's made using a so far only very slightly modified version of Jekyll, and that's written in Ruby. Ruby & Jekyll are both amazing pieces of work, don't get me wrong, but I'm a tinkerer, and Ruby's a tinkerer's language for better and for worse; so there'll be lots of posts about all that along with other things of course, but for now, welcome. Welcome.