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Mike Kreuzer

Site seeing

September 17, 2018

Over the past few years I've got into the habit of tweeting links to things I've found interesting or noteworthy, but rather than continuing to throw them out there randomly I thought I'd group them up a bit, so I could find them again myself if for no other reason.

This is inspired in part by the blog rolls of the mid 2000s, in part by Brett Terpstra's web excursions, and in part by playing with Mastodon.

As you may have noticed from the contact links on this site I'm toying with moving from Twitter to Mastodon. More on that in another post no doubt, but this is all about being slightly more thoughtful about what I do online.

I can't tell whether the intentional misspelling of sightseeing is funny or not, but I think it works.

Harden up

September 16, 2018

It hasn't been much of a year for blogging for me. Changing jobs and a few other things have taken my mind elsewhere, but this post is about a different kind of hardening up.

I've added a bunch of security related headers to the site to tighten things up a bit. I don't suspect this site would be much of a tempting target to anyone, e commerce, form… and reader free as it is, but you never know, & every bit helps. You can see this rake's progress over the course of one evening by way of encouragement in your own site hardening efforts.

One side effect of all this is embedded gists are gone. Restricting the source of javascript files to include github didn't seem meaningful. The links are still there though of course.


Conditional conformance in Swift 4.2

June 7, 2018

Exciting new stuff coming out of WWDC this week, including info on what's new in Swift 4.2.

Swift 4.2 comes with Xcode 10.0 beta, and among other goodies includes some changes to how protocols apply to arrays. I've just updated an earlier post on this (Is serializable really a word?), but it's worth repeating here: this is exciting stuff. Now, with the single line:

extension Array: Serializable where Element: Serializable {}

…the Serializable protocol I wrote applies to all arrays of Serializable elements. That is so clean it is to my eyes simply beautiful. Testament to a lot of hard work.

This info come via the talk "What's new in Swift?", worth watching as as ever are all the other WWDC videos.



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