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Mike Kreuzer

Apple news, no pressure

March 8, 2020

So I got that e mail from Apple about the Apple News channel for this blog.

Dear Mike Kreuzer,
We noticed that you have not published to your Mike Kreuzer channel in three months or more. Your channel will be removed in one week.
The Apple News Team

OK, no pressure then.

I'm not the only one to get an e mail like this, and I guess my attitude is sort of the same. Sorry for the infrequency of posts, I'll try and do better.

Sorry to you, the reader, not to Apple. Apple will do just fine with or without me I'm sure. The removal in one week it seems having already been decided.

UPDATE 14 March 2020: And lo, it came to pass. No more Apple News for me.


Projects, and owning your own content

November 28, 2019

With "owning my own content" in mind, I've added some project pages to this site, to give a home to some of my projects currently scattered around the web.

I've moved open source before (and lost a bunch of it in the moves), so while it seems unlikely now, those code repos may well change at some point, the other locations as well. This might help me keep track if nothing else. I plan on moving all of the docco at least over to there over time.


Sweet sixteen

November 28, 2019

After all that the 16" MBP was released just before the Air arrived, so I got a 16" instead. Because of course I did.

It is very nice. Very expensive, but very nice.

My better half's using the 13" MBP until Airs with nicer keyboards appear – or its keyboard dies, whichever happens first – but for the first time we are an all Mac household now. One of my kids has to get a Chromebook for school next year… but I'm putting that adventure off. For now it's Macs all round.



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