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Mike Kreuzer

Out of print

This site's been around for a while now, and its 404 errors can read like a potted history of some of that time.

Gone, but not forgotten from these pages are:


A never finished PC game about the War in the Desert in WW2. Might return in some form, perhaps as an iOS game.

Pacific Crisis and Animal Kingdom

Desktop published card games that held my attention for a few years. May also return as iOS games.

Some AI projects

BonSAI, a scriptable game AI. BonSAI was built around LuaCLIPS, the CLIPS expert system packaged up in a DLL & called from Lua scripts. BonSAI might return, though it wouldn't be done in Lua now.

Game art and mods

Various bits and pieces of alternative game art & other mods for several games used to be hosted here at one time or another.

All sadly no longer appearing in this episodeā€¦