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Mike Kreuzer

Reading, a minimal Node.js RSS/ATOM Feed Reader

1 December 2015

I wrote a minimal Node RSS/Atom feed reader, based on code & a blog post by Dr Drang.

It's up on GitHub and npmjs, and once you have Node installed you install Reading in the usual way:

npm install -g reading

Maybe it's just the way I write JavaScript, but the amount of boilerplate and ceremony involved is always somewhat mind-boggling to me. From what I can see ES6 may address at least some of my issues, but it's a creaky old language and it does things in creaky old ways sometimes. Fun though. Writing that was a bit of recreational coding.

Not a bad evening-length start to a project, and not at all a bad way to celebrate the second anniversary of this blog, which I re-launched in November 2013. The blog itself is still running on Node after I rewrote it back in January. I must get around to cleaning that code up & putting it up online too. One day soon.

In the meantime, happy reading!